How we work.

First understand, then be understood. If you want to design solutions for companies, you need to understand not only the company but also the environment at the same time. In a variety of cases, we have learned how companies get fit for the future and beyond, how they recognize and tackle faulty developments, and how they strategically orient themselves for tomorrow. An experience full of success stories as well as sometimes setbacks. This is precisely why we are concentrating on the sectors and operating units in which we are at home.

• Machine building
• Financial services
• Defence & Aerospace
• Service companies

Stable solutions require a broad foundation. That is why we strive for close, long-term cooperation with all stakeholders. Even if the analysis phase is very important, a good foundation of experience – especially in dealing with difficult stakeholders – helps to avoid over-analyzing. Solid SMEs need ideas and few, well-founded facts, no „brainy-analysts“ who make neither decisions nor make conceptual suggestions during the analysis period. As for a time rule a rule of thumb 1:3 applies. If the project has taken 1 time until it is realized, be it 1 week, 1 month or 1 year, you can count on a factor of 3 for the implementation.

While most consultants leave after the final presentation and leave the implementation to the client, we face critical and often long-term problems with our clients. This is the only way to achieve solutions that are sustainable and based on important changes. We are aware that changes are made by humans and require their time. We therefore reject short-term, single-sided advantageous solutions on principle.

EMERGON is managed by entrepreneurs. Each partner also bears a personal risk as a partner and stands for the success of the company. Like you, we know exactly what it means to be entrepreneurs and literally bear responsibility. Together with our strategic investors, we are also time to time involved with equity and know how to deal with risks. Employed equity serves to build trust and strengthen the design of a potential deal.

However, EMERGON is not a venture capital company, but rather structures and directs the process, as a new minority co-owner. Aligned with us you strengthen your company, get freedom of movement for further growth and still remain in a driving seat.

Enough of it. Do you need another smarty colorful Powerpoint presentation full of buzzwords? Please click away! We arise from from the middle class and speak plain text because we want to be understood. Thinking, saying and doing are all in one place – we do not throw smoke candles, nor are we delighted by tactical banter.

We are authentic and open. We do not bury ourselves behind closed doors, but go wherever it is required by the objective. And this objective is simple: lasting success through implemented solutions.

The truth is always at the workbench. Nobody knows a company as well as the employees. We combine our company-specific knowledge with our experience in lifting concrete value potentials. This is the only way to achieve targeted and lasting improvements.

No solution is made for eternity neither are we. We therefore work among our customers, not next to them. We pass on our knowledge and experience to the workforce of the client company.