Minimizing risk along the value chain.

Together with our clients, we develop automated early warning and control systems based on our C.W.A.C.S. We want you, as our client, not to experience surprises in your value chain because „all of a sudden“ companies fail as suppliers or customers. Our intelligent robots can filter out more than just the vast amount of data that is interesting. The intelligent programs continuously analyse the information relevant to you semantically and provide decisive indications for future developments at the push of a button.

We not only rely on the semantic interpretation of classical indicators, news bites and regression analyses. Our system also recognizes the information behind the numbers. Because it’s always people who start processes and their effect.

The risk of your customers and suppliers is one of the greatest threats to your business, this in addition to all the things that can happen with your own business. We have developed small applications that not only provide information about your value chain according to your needs, but also learn the knowledge beyond the information that you need for good strategic decisions. Our early warning system not only analyses the online media, social media, company data, key players and relevant creditworthiness information for our clients, but also provides ideas on what these things could mean for your company.

In accordance with the risk map prepared well coordinated with our clients, even day-to-day influences can be detected. Completely autonomous robots enable cost-effective operation and maintenance of risk information, and provide continuous updates to critical changes.

People in the Middle Ages may have been more unimpaired by facts. Many of the connections known today were unknown to them. The everyday life was determined by superstition. One thing the people of that time could determine: they could very well observe – and they could draw their conclusions from it! But as soon as something emerged that did not fit in with their idea of the world, often determined by religion, there was only one logical conclusion: „This can not be a good thing, and we do not want to know anything about it.“

Let us have a look together into the future in order to assess developments and breakthroughs in better times. We do not want to compromise fondly accepted beliefs, but we want to keep you updated with trends and developments in the relevant markets and industries.